Parties at Axis

Bachelorette parties, birthday parties, and girls' nights are FUN at Axis. We provide an exciting environment designed to give you a taste of all that Axis has to offer - pole dancing and aerial equipment. No experience needed! We encourage you to take pictures and video to capture the moments with your friends. 

Private group classes are also available.
Call (713) 408-4723 for more information!

Erotic and Circus Themed Parties

Pole dancing and aerial equipment come together to create an amazing experience for your next bachelorette or birthday party!



Erotic parties focus on the exotic side of pole dancing and let you also try aerial silks. These parties are for ladies who want to dance sexy and get into a sensual flow.



Circus parties are all about flying on the equipment at Axis with your friends! Try aerial silks, acrobatic pole, lyra (hoop), cube, and more... Run away with the circus for one night!

Details & Benefits

Axis provides great options for your bachelorette or birthday party:

Two Hours for $200
Three Hours for $300

Why party at Axis? Because...

You get unlimited guests per party.
You have access to not only poles, but also aerial equipment.
You get a dedicated Axis instructor.
You can bring drinks and snacks.
Parties are available after hours.

Book your party through MindBody. Give us a call for more info and guidance! 


Get More Info

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Tell us as much about your party as possible. What are you celebrating? Do you want an erotic or circus themed experience? How many people do you expect to come? What days and times are you interested in?


What do your parties include?
Axis can tailor to your event for your next bachelorette or birthday party. Our parties include: use of the studio with eight poles, six aerial silks, two lyra hoops, and one aerial cube; your own party host/instructor; your music or ours; a table for gifts, snacks, and/or belongings.

Should I do two hours or three?
We suggest 2 hour parties for less than 15 people. If you have more than 15 we suggest the 3 hour party. However, you can decide. There is no maximum number of people.  

What does a typical party look like?
Typically, a party will include a quick stretch and warm up, an introduction to Axis' aerial equipment (aerial cube and lyra hoops), time on aerial silks, pole dancing choreography, and a sexy chair routine. Parties can be tailored if you would like to spend specific time on certain equipment.

May I hire a photographer?
Yes! Axis Aerial Arts has a trusted photographer that you can use to capture the fun of your event. Call (713) 408-4723 to get more info.

What can I bring?
Everyone should bring a water bottle! That, and if you sign and print your waiver ahead of time, it will get the party started sooner. Download and print your waiver here. Have all of your guests bring a signed waiver with them to the party! We have them at the studio for anyone who cannot print a waiver.

You are allowed to bring snacks and drinks. We provide a table to set up your goodies or decorations.

What should I wear?
Wear comfortable workout attire or something you can move in. Once you get on the equipment, you'll find being barefoot and wearing shorts gives you the best connection. To ensure a firm grip on the equipment, do not apply lotion on the day of your party.

If I get there late, do I get extra time?
No. Parties are booked in blocks, and if you arrive late, your time slot is not extended. 


Have any additional questions? Give us a call at (713) 408-4723